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iDJ Magazine Review

"With so many production tutorials floating about it's hard to pick the one that suits you. Sample Magic's effort covers all things house, whether it's producing the perfect kick or getting those vocals nice and sweet. The book is split up into several chapters, which then cover each topic in a great amount of detail. Each chapter consists of a different element of a song, with loads of different tips and hints for those of you who already know a thing or two about music production. Towards the end of the book you should have a complete track finished and mixed down nicely. There's also advice about the music industry, which is a nice touch and an interesting read.For a beginner the walkthroughs are brilliant. Everything is explained clearly and there are tons of illustrations to stop your mind from wandering. Loads of genres within house are covered and it seems it was written in the modern day, unlike some of the tutorials available that take ages explaining what a computer is. There are also tips on how to create certain elements from popular tracks, which is always fun as you can then develop your own sound. The only downside to the book is that so many different DAWs and plugins are used in each chapter. Obviously most synths and audio effects work int he same way, but if you're completely new to the world of audio production you may struggle a little bit. Other than that though, this could be a useful tool for any budding producer.Verdict: Clear, concise and informative. A worthwhile investment.