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Future Music Magazine Review

Sample Magic Stacker £80

Sample Magic are best known for their ready-rolled loops and sounds – though they nudged into full percussive instrument territory with Bloq, which squeezed a huge library of drum sounds into a Kontakt-based bundle. Stacker however is a ‘real’ standalone, cross-platform plug-in dedicated to creating and shaping single drum hits.

As you’d expect from the name, Stacker utilises sound layering as the core of its engine, though it goes far beyond a simple stacking of samples with a bit of EQ. As well as the three sample layers, you get an analogue-style drum synth, dynamic FX, time displacement and ‘pump’ features. Multiple filters, envelopes and time-locked LFOs also come into play. Frankly, there is little I can think of that SM have missed out. All this complexity is wrapped in a good-looking interface that makes things as clear as they might be given the underlying complexity.

It would have been nice to have facilitated the creation of fullymapped, multi-note kits, but this is the only real issue I had with this powerful tool. Bruce Aisher