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Plughugger Review

Release number 20 from sound benders Sample Magic is dedicated to electro - and when Sample Magic talks electro, they mean commercial electro. If I would say that trance is dead, it would come back and haunt me until I repent. So I won't say that. Instead I'll say that Electro is the hottest style on the three most important places right now: clubs, radio and the fitness club. So when sample moguls Sample Magic release a 850+ sound library in the said style, you pay attention. It's easy to repeat yourself when reviewing products from Sample Magic, and right now it seems this producer of loops and sounds can do nothing wrong. While I personally am a big fan of Sample Magic, I feel their greatness have come with age. Although early releases were good - I think their most recent releases have been impressive as in 10/10.So, yes. Let's spoil the whole show and tell you the verdict at this very point. Yes, this is a brilliant library. Yes, it's executed in an almost flawless manner. Yes, it has an exceptionally up-to-date sound. Yes, it's been awarded our prestigious Get It Now-award. Yes, you'll be able to produce tracks of commercial quality, even if you're a moderately talented musician/producer.What I love about Sample Magic is that there is so little nonsense going on. They don't just create original and fresh material, but also package it together in such a way that just halfway through the contents you feel you it's well worth its price. If you are into electro this is a library you simply cannot risk avoiding. Feverish ramblings from a fanboy, indeed, but in my opinion the best release of Sample Magic so far - and that says something.