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Music Tech Review

"SM101 is a new range of bite-sized packs from unstoppable samples company Sounds to Sample. Each pack contains 101 loops or hits of a certain type and style with the aim of providing you with quick-and-easy tools or idea-starting riffs. The first batch of four packs focuses on drum fills, club kick drums, electro leads and disco house drum loops, with each ranging from around 20-100MB in size.

First up, the Drum Fills pack divided into electronic, glitch and tech, plus live fills of varying length (all at 128BPM). The bulk of the pack is bold and in-your-face rolls, but with enough inventive production and groove tricks to keep things interesting. The glitch fills offer something more subtle and twisted, while the live fills are more traditional snare and tom-style rolls.

The Club Kicks pack does what you'd expect - a solid collection of meaty kick drum hits that will be familiar to anyone who owns one of Sample Magic's other house-based libraries. Number three is the blistering, overdriven Electro Leads pack that contains pumping mono-synth bass loops and Dutch-sounding pitch-bent lead lines with several versions of each riff. Finally, there's Disco House Drums - a collection of contemporary house beats at 125 and 127 BPM infused with disco funk, percussive rhythms and a hint of vintage drum machines (each beat is also provided with its component parts for easy arrangement). Each of the packs is available as a digital download for £9.90, with the slightly more substantial electro leads and disco beat packs at £12.90. As we've come to expect from Sample Magic, the production is flawless and all the sounds are polished and club-ready.

Given the choice, we'd probably opt for one of SM's full titles as you get a lot more samples for your money. However, if you've already written part of a track and all you're after is a focused element to add a detail or hook, these cut-down packs could be the ideal solution."