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Future Music Review

This slo-mo, super-smooth collection of grooves makes us wish for summer as it offers warm, boozy kicks with plenty of laid-back grooves that wind down the tempo.

Next to the hard urgent beats and pushy sound-alike sample sets available everywhere, Chillwave feels like an Instagram photo of house, using tape saturation an 10-bit resampling to deliver a fuzzy, beach-hazed take on a house/indie/synth pop crossover.

There's obscure soundtrack samples, snatches of orchestra and vocals, vinyl crackle, tape stops, ad some great pulsing dub delay effects, all teamed with fat, warm retro analogue synths, perky finger bass and funky disco drums.  Special mention to the superb 'heavy on the effects' live drums that team so perfectly with classic dry and effected Linn and DMX.

And it's huge too - there's over a gig of samples here in every sample format and REX flavour imaginable and all nicely organised into inspiring song-starter loops and every layer up to your full  finished track. 9/10