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Future Music Review

Own a Push controller, but lack the beefy beats and squelching bass to rock a crowd? Then this awesome collection of Ableton insturment racks is for you. Each of the five racks (bass, lead, kick, snare, and hi-hat) comes ready to rock, and there are also 64 sample-based patches, and a tactile macro control interface. The Bass set is a hoot - with the Wooble dial you sweep in a 13 stage low-pass filter with LFO speed changes to your loop, or add a bit of Bend to create fierce new rhythmical patterns. The sound design within each instrument is an instant turn on - classic kits like the Oberheim Matrix 1000, Arp 2600 and Korg MS-20 were mined for their golden sounds - and the ease of use and playability will have you fiddling away for hours. Ableton button pushers and knob twiddlers rejoice - these are the racks you've been looking for.