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Future Music Review

Looking for the kind of retro electronic sound Cliff Martinez channelled when soundtracking Ryan Gosling’s moonlighting getaway man in Drive?  Look no further than this iconic collection of 80s-inspired licks and grooves.  The vintage machines that made the era hum are all present and correct in this 1GB pack.  From the mighty Linn Drum to the legendary Jupiter-8, through to the less-celebrated characters like the Yamaha RX21, you get a real selection of classic hardware to add to your sound banks.  Of all the folders, the ones marked synth and bass hold the prize picks, with leads lovingly tweaked to produce and electric collection of loops and riffs. Same deal with the Inspiration Loops sets which boasts 40 folders (also available to buy separately) of full melodic mixes and their individual stems.  With synth-laden 80s electronica cropping up more in Hollywood film scoring, this timely collection could prove a hit with the next wave of midnight Moroders.