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Future Music Review

Girl, Sample Magic will house you! And boys too. In fact, this giant collection of 1,122 loops and one-shots is for just about anyone who hankers after the early days of Chicago and Detroit. It’s old school organs, disco diva vox fodder and re-sampled riffs aplenty here. A quick checklist of the gear used (808, MS-10, Juno-60, Ensoniq Mirage etc) will have gear heads frothing at the mouth too.

Everything is lovingly recorded - they’re going for the grit and glamour of the glory days but polishing the whole shebang with the best modern production techniques.  If you’re up for packing a bit of throwback funk into your cutting-edge trunk, then you’ll have a blast with these song-starting house jams. It also comes with a handy ten-page tips and technique digital booklet. 9/10