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Future Music Review

The hot loop selection over at Sample Magic this month comes in this pricey package.  Like Monster Sounds’ excellent Daft Funk set, this is a journey into that French filtered house groove we all know and love.  It’s chock full of all the live disco drums, tight kick-free tops, hand claps and funky Around The World-style bass loops that you’d expect, along with some seriously cool chopped up analogue synth sounds.

The 950+MB collection spans 20 years of French electronica, covering styles influenced by everyone from Jean-Jacques Perrey to Daft Punk.  The tempos are set at 120, 125 and 128bpm and these faithfully recreated loops are as tasty as a big plate of Escargots de Bourgogne.  You can buy individual folders or shell out for the whole package, which comes with a decent booklet full of background info, tips and techniques. 9/10