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Future Music Review

Been scratching your brain raw trying to capture the deep melodic fugue that oozes from your favourite Jimpster or Bostro Pesopeo record?  Cheer up - this 600MB pack of emotive keys, dubby loops and crunchy kicks and snares will have you up to their standard in no time at all.

The grooves are chilled, the melodics classy, and the tempo (110-115bpm) is positively languid.  All the playful tops and luxurious layers you can sot straight in have acres of room to take centre stage.  The bass loops hold the most attention (and can be purchased on their own for a mere £3.70).  They'll rattle a sub and hold the weight of anything you balance on top.

This shimmers and shimmies in equal measures and should provide a nice new set of tools for you next laid-back journey onto the dancefloor.