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EQ Magazine Review

"So is it world, or rave? Both, in a way. It's not as hard as, say, vintage Belgian rave, but the world elements are not new age - they're very beat-oriented, and tend to hit hard. Some have a Brazilian vibe, some Middle Eastern, and some...uh...well, maybe Martian. This isn't a conventional construction kit, with sections of multitrack arrangements groued together in folders. instead, you'll find six folders of files at different tempos (90, 100, 120, 125, 144, 160) as well as some extras, like hits, pads, soundscapes, and effects. There are also presets for mapping sounds to EXS24, Reason NN-XT, Kontakt, HALion, and Stylus RMX. Recording quality is uniformly excellent- clean, but not sterile.Each tempo folder has three sub-folders: beats, music, and percussion. So, you need to "go fishing" to find the right sound but the loops work well together, so it's pretty hard to go wrong. The Soundscapes in particular make great "glue" to ease the transition between different beat-oriented sections. Overall, this is an impressive set because of the quality - no filler, instead imaginative performances, and sounds that retain a certain degree of familiarity but also bring something new to the party. If you want to take dance/rave music into a different more exploratory direction that's international in scope, this is ideal."