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DJ Magazine Review

Sample Magic's first voyage into plug-ins may be a simple affair, but it is oh-so very useful.  Magic AB allows producers to switch between the audio they are working on and up to nine tracks against other mixes - a practice that any decent studio engineer would advise upon.

It's pretty easy to use, as the user would call up an instance of the plug-in on the mix channel, and load up the tracks into one of the nine slots.  Each of these has an individual volume slider to fine-tune the levels so that there are no nasty differences when switching from the main tune to the reference material - a nice touch.

The graphical display is laid out in a concise manner, and makes visual referencing an easy task.  When the user switches between the A source material or the B reference material, the display updates to show which track is actually playing.  Now this may sound a pointless feature, but think about it.  It might not be different tracks being referenced - it might actually be the same track but different mixdowns, so this visual element makes more sense when this is taken into consideration.  

Magic AB allows producers to do this simple-but-handy task with relative ease.  OK, producers could just load up a separate track into their DAW or connect another audio source to their set-up to play a different track, but that is all rather long-winded.  Magic AB just makes this part of the production process as simple and easy as it can be.  8/10