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Alt Sounds Review

One of the most essential ingredients to any hit song, as I’m sure you are aware, is a catchy hook. I typically find, during the process of making music, that as soon as I’ve got the main riff sorted then all the other elements seem to fall into place much more easily. Sometimes it can take ages to come up with a hook that is original, fits the style of music you’re creating and sounds immense and this is the main reason why Sample Magic’s MIDI Elements: Mainroom Riffs and Arps, is a fantastic composition component.

Sample Magic have taken the arduous task of creating 101 different riffs and are giving them to you for a mere price of £9.90. Now I can hear some of you say, "that is cheating" or "you’re taking the creativity away from making music", and to a certain degree I can agree, but the fact that these are MIDI samples means that the individuality and imagination can be kept. As Sample Magic have explained, the idea of having MIDI files means "you have the ultimate freedom to choose your own sounds, change the key of the loop, edit the tempo, notation, velocity, length and more. Most importantly, it offers you the opportunity to personalise each progression and melody to make them completely unique.’’

Each of the MIDI samples are key labeled, which to be honest, can be worked out easily enough yourself, but it does help save time and effort and they are compatible with all major DAWs. On going through and listening to the 101 MIDI samples, I experimented with different sounds and software instruments to see what I could come up with. I found that I was altering and adjusting many of the samples to suit my personal style and I was able to come up with some brilliant personalised riffs and hooks. For those who may be skeptical and think that having pre made MIDI files is lazy, then I beg to differ. There are some really funky rhythms and riffs and they inspired me to tweak them here and there to create something specific to my taste. There are also a wide range of keys to chose from so creativity is optimum.

Mainroom Riffs are Arps is aimed at Electro/House/Tech-House producers but with the flexibility of MIDI samples I wouldn’t stop there. All in all I think that this is an inspiring pack for any music producer looking for new ideas and stimulation. Along with Mainroom Riffs and Arps, Sample Magic have a selection of MIDI Elements ranging from Deep House to Electro and Chillwave, which you can check out here

Not only are Sample Magic a provider of pro-audio loops but they are also publishers of the award-winning Secrets of House Music Production book and Paul White’s The Producer’s Manual, developers of the essential DemoGod App and we run a series of courses on dance music production and the music industry.