We reflect on the best releases of the last month’s catalog. With the vast amount of unique, high-quality and cutting-edge content, this was no easy task! Check out what made the top of our list.


Inspired by the sound of the underground beat scene and golden era hip-hop – Breaks & Beats is an expansive 900MB collection of classic MPC drums, dirty and dusty reworked breaks, gritty percussion, and lo-fi samples.

Ableton Magic Racks – Vaporwave:

Vaporwave Racks is a versatile collection of 5 expertly crafted and curated Ableton racks designed for creative processing inspired by the sounds and aesthetics of Vaporwave and Chillwave.

Future Beats & Eclectic Chill

Weighing in at 1.5GB+ Future Beats & Eclectic Chill offers an expertly crafted collection of sounds sampled from an impressive array of analog and digital gear primed for instant inspiration.


Dusty & Dirty Tops is comprised of 101 tweaked and twisted loops with glitched synthetics, analog grooves, and ready-to-go stripped percussive workouts ideal for an eclectic range of styles from minimal to main-room house.