As another year has drawn to a close, the staff here at Sample Magic are eager to reflect on their favourite releases of 2018. With the vast amount of unique, high-quality and cutting-edge content, this was no easy task! Check out what made the top of our lists:

Sharooz Raoofi (Founder): French House 2

“An excellently authentic pack filled with all the right noises. I’ve worn out the single hits from using them so much!”

John Kunkel (Product Manager): Synth-Pop

“I love this pack because of how authentic it sounds. If you’re looking for Depeche Mode styled drums, Pet Shop Boys melodics, or Tears for Fears’ sounding hooks, this pack has it all.”

Israel Medina (Product Manager): Soulful Beats

“This pack summarizes everything I love about sound design and the current aesthetics found in music production. Its got a DIY sound with nods to trap, lo-fi and future beats. The drums are bangin’ and the melodics are so moody that I just can’t help but feel inspired every time I dive into sounds on this pack.”

Niall Hoban (Formatting Manager): 90s Deep House & Garage

“A meticulously crafted sample pack that takes you back in time, delivering those classic 90’s Funky/Classic House beats, soulful piano elements, synth style chord progressions, and garage style basslines. The creative options are endless when you have a strong palette of sounds at your disposal and that’s why 90’s Deep House & Garage is my stand out product of the year!”

Andrew Pearce (Formatting & Tech Support): Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

“This has been my go-to pack for 2018. It’s got everything I love in a pack: grooving and off-kilter rhythms, lo-fi and abstract melodics, deep and morose baselines, resampled adlibs, live percussion and foley and more. The music loops and drum breaks have been an endless source of inspiration that I find myself coming back to time and time again when starting out a track.”

Matt Fudge (Plugin Development): Eclectic Trap

“Trap is a genre that has become ubiquitous with everything modern. From pop to rap, the beats and sounds that makeup Trap are heard everywhere. Eclectic Trap is my pack of the year because it not only nails the sound of modern trap but defies expectations and also offers up something unique. From track starters and inspirations to percussion loops for a finished production. Eclectic Trap is a pack I’ll be going to frequently.”

Enda Harte (Digital Marketing): Midnight Electro

“For me, this pack epitomizes the Electro/Techno style of music I used to listen to growing up. There’s so much content to play around with in this release and it won’t take you long to find some inspiration within.”