Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down with Canadian DJ & Producer Dezza. He spoke to us about his introduction to electronic music, using Sample Magic samples & also offered his 2 cents for any budding producers trying to pursue a career in the industry.

Hey Derek, how are you? Firstly could you provide our readers with a little background on yourself and how you got started in music?

“Hello everyone! I am a progressive house producer from Canada with releases on Enhanced, Zerothree, Anjunabeats & Spinnin Records. I started experimenting with music about 20 years ago. My first electronic track made it into the hands of Tiesto who played it out live a few times, so I figured I should stick with it.”

How do you go about writing music? Is there a certain theme you are trying to touch on with your music?

“I generally start my process with creating a key center for my tracks such as an atmospheric pad and build on that. Melody is always first for me, and I always try to create a journey with my music.”

When you’re in the studio, what are you some of your go-to tools for workflow and completing projects? Do you have a favourite set of plugins of samples?

“I use a combination of Samples and VST’s. My track Law Of Attraction uses a few Sample Magic samples.  The track is the 5th best selling progressive house track of 2018! You guys are definitely the most consistent when it comes to top quality samples! VST wise, I use Spire, Diva, Korg M1, and FL Studio native plugins.”

Have you noticed any major changes your scene since you began your career?

“Thanks to streaming music services, I have noticed a huge movement in Progressive House. The accessibility to music now is incredible. People are listening! Due to this, I will be releasing my debut artist album on Colorize/Enhanced early 2019.”

What advice can you offer to any producer or DJ starting out in the business?

“Don’t get discouraged when things don’t happen overnight. I am over 15 years in and just now I am starting to get bookings for 2019. Also, remember that the electronic music community is very welcoming and down to earth, you can always reach out to fellow producers for advice.”

Finally, who do you consider as an inspiration musically?

“I get asked this one a lot!  Over the years I have taken inspiration from so many artists spanning all genres of music. Anyone doing anything that pushes the music in a forward-thinking direction is an inspiration to me.”

Have a listen to Dezza’s back catalogue below: