Earlier this week we sat down with Spanish DJ & Producer duo CYA. They spoke to us about their introduction to electronic music, remixing Axwell & Ingrosso & their favourite tools to use in the studio.

Hey guys, Firstly, could you provide our readers with a little background info into the CYA project and how you both got started in music?

“Since we can remember we have always wanted to become producers, we grew up listening to electronic music and at some point, we thought that we should follow our dreams. So after a few years as DJ’s, we decided to start working together and built our own studio in the process to make that happen. We’ve been involved in the industry for some years with another alias, but the progressive vibe was the one which inspired us at first. One year ago we thought that it was time to try something new and that’s how CYA became real. CYA is the result of matching the first letter of both our surnames. It was simple, short and clear which we liked from the start.”

We noticed that you don’t share a lot of photos regarding your identity. How important is anonymity to you both in this project?

“When we came up with the project we wanted to prioritize the music instead of the faces to gain hype on the social media. We’ve never cared much about it, but we always felt that it’s not that important who we are, we want to be known for the music rather than names or faces.” 

You recently released a huge sounding remix of Axwell & Ingrosso’s “Dancing Alone”, how did that remix come about?

“Our Management team were in contact with Astralwerks, and Axwell Ingrosso recently signed with them. The request came in and we accepted. It was so much fun to work on this remix! We’re very happy with the result and the support.”

As Producers/Songwriters, what advice do you offer to any kind of musician starting to create or write music?

Trust yourself. Maybe you always hear the same thing, but the key is to have your own identity. Something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Maybe a sound, maybe a trick, but you need to be different. Try to innovate. Music might be a business, but the most important thing is the music.  If the music is good, everything else that you want will follow.”

When in the studio, what are some of your go-to tools for workflow and inspiration? Do you have a favourite set of Plugins or Samples?

“It depends. We sit in the studio and think about what we feel at that moment. If we have vocals we usually take them and start to create something from there. But the ways to start depend on the feelings we have. We’re fans of Omnisphere, Nexus, and Arturia bundles. Also we work a lot with S.M libraries to sample and add our touch on the tracks!”

As for future plans, can you tell us anything that’s incoming for CYA? Any new original music or shows upcoming going into 2019?

“We’re about to sign a deal with a Major Label and will release all of our own music under a new label that we have founded. We also have lots of original music finished and some remixes ready to go, so stay tuned!”

Listen to CYA’s catalog below: