This week we sat down with the producer behind our, Indie Rock & Electronica Sample Pack. We discussed their favourite gear, production techniques, and much more.

Tell us a little bit about Indie Rock & Electronica, and how you prepared for this release?

“With this release we wanted to celebrate the new indie production style; crisp modern drums with driving guitars and bass, vintage synths and lush percussion. I listened to a lot of new releases by some of my favourite artists to get myself in the zone.”

What got you inspired during the creation of this pack? Any particular influences?

“Some of my favourite bands, especially their new albums. 2017/2018 releases by The National, Future Islands and Broken Social Scene.”

What was your biggest challenge in creating this sample pack?

“Making this pack was a lot of fun… However, my biggest challenge was probably not making it too long!”

Tell us a little bit about your current studio setup.

“My studio is based in the Southside of Glasgow.  I am running Logic X on my trusty 2012 Macbook.  My interface is an Apogee Duet with an array of synths, pedals and guitars.

Top 3 favorite pieces of gear?

“1. Moog Sub37

2. Fender Telecaster

3. Fender Jazz Bass”

What’s a unique, unconventional production technique that you would like to share with our readers?

“I recently attended a masterclass with Steve Albini, he is a big advocate of delaying the room mics.  This mimics the effect of the drum sound hitting the wall then coming back to you at the drum kit. In other words, it makes your drums sound massive!”

What DAW do you normally use, and what are some plugins you typically use?

Logic X is my main DAW, although I also use Ableton for experimentation & Reason for some of the synths (especially Malström) and Max/MSP for some freaky sound design.  My favourite Plug-In manufacturers are Native Instruments, PSP (especially the Vintage Warmer!) and SoundToys.”

Any tips or advice for aspiring producers?

“Find some great tracks with a production style that you love and Reference, Reference, Reference!”