This week we sat down with the talented producer behind the brooding and dark, Raw Techno.

Tell us a little bit about Raw Techno and how you prepared for this release. 

I wanted to create something a bit more “tough” than what I usually do. I didn’t really prepare for it since I listen to techno every day. I knew ahead of time I’d use distortion and bit reduction more than usual. This allowed me to create aggresive and heavy sounds.

What got you inspired during the creation of this pack? Any particular influences?

I was inspired by artist such as I Hate Models, 747, Nthng, Len Faki, Cleric, SNTS, Shlomo, Markus Suckut

What was your biggest challenge in creating this pack?

The main challenge for me was keeping things raw and tough. I didn’t want to venture into something too deep.

Tell us a little bit about your current studio setup.

I’ve got a quite minimal setup, after losing myself into “too much” hardware. I owned a lot of hardware that only got about 30% of its use, and some weren’t being used at all for months on end.

I am using Ableton Live 10 on a PC with the Push 2, I’ve got a BCF 2000 to control levels, a BCR 2000 that I’ve mapped to the Arturia MiniV and an Ableton Operator. The only hardware I still have it’s the Blofeld, that I mainly use for pads and texture.

For the external audio part, I’ve got a Motu 828 mk2 and two Focals CMS 50. I’ve got as well a Roland UA 4FX that I use as a spare or when I am out of my studio.

Top 3 favorite pieces of gear?

First, definitely the Push 2 from Ableton, then the BCR 2000 (a lot of knobs) and then the Blofeld.

What’s a unique, unconventional production technique that you would like to share with our readers?

The frequency shifter from Ableton, when you are making techno this device is amazing. It allows me to pitch sound in a different way rather than just transpose, and because its a kind of FM effect it sounds metallic which perfect for techno sounds. Try it on a hi-hat, snare, percussion, or synth shot. The ring mode is really interesting as well.

On your builds, you can automate the “fine” parameter before the drop to make rising sounds.

Additionally, a very small amount of the LFO at a very low rate can add very interesting pitch modulation to a perc or a texture loop.

What DAW do you normally use, and what are some plugins you typically use?

I am using Ableton Live 10. I really like Ableton because the Session view allows me to start an idea, try different combinations of samples, and then begin building scenes for song progressions/variations. Then when I have enough stuff, I just play and record live all the scenes in the arrangement mode and finish all the details later on ( arrangement, fxs, variations, etc..)

The main software instruments I use are Ableton’s Wavetable and Operator synthesizers, Massive, MiniV and SemV from Arturia, and the Punchbox from D16 for my kickdrums.

As far as effects go, I used mainly the reverb and delay from Ableton, then I love the Decapitator and Echoboy from Soundtoys. I also love Devastor and Decimort from D16.

Any tips or advice for aspiring producers?

Try new things/ break the rules: even if your inspiration is low, go to youtube to find a tutorial to improve your mixing skills and expand your sound design knowledge.

If you can’t finish a track, don’t give up, one day you will (I know this from self experience).

If you are a beginner don’t limit yourself, you don’t need the last trending plugin to creat good music. Start by knowing well your native plugins.

Be organised, the days you are not inspired, spend it to listen to your sample pack library to select the best from each sample pack and create your own library.

For further production tips and tricks, check out the Producers Youtube channel