Earlier this week we sat down with Dutch DJ & Producer duo Robin & Maurice, a.k.a Magnificence. They spoke to us about their introduction to electronic music, having their a debut EP signed to Axtone Records & the dos and donts of writing new music.

Hey guys, how are you? Firstly, could you provide our readers with a little background info into “Magnificence” and how you both got started in electronic music?

“Our story started 7 years ago when we met each other at college in our hometown of Leeuwarden, that’s all the way up north in The Netherlands. At the time we wanted to become teachers, but crazily we both ended up becoming DJ’s! During this period in our lives we discovered that we were both passionate about making music, and one day we ended up producing together. In this period we became best friends and basically sat in the studio together 24/7. That’s where Magnificence began.”
Magnificence in the studio (Source: @magnificencenl on Instagram)

Your most recent release on Axtone records has heralded some of the biggest artist support to date, can you tell us a little about the creative process behind the EP and how it ended up in Axwell’s hands?

“Well, the inspiration came while touring through China where we had this feeling that our sets were lacking some real club tracks. People who have been to our shows know that we actually play a lot of club bangers in our sets next to our melodic singles. This made us realise we really wanted to make tracks for the clubs. So we opened our laptops in the hotel after each show.
After the tour, we ended up with several first drafts and rough ideas. Once back home we started to dig in deeper and finalised these projects in our new studio, three of these tracks became the Magnificence EP.
With our music, we wanted to go back to the club sound, but give it our own signature. We both love the tribal influences which we added, it gives so much drive. We also ended up adding elements from other genres like electro and DnB to push our own creative limits. That’s basically how we came up with the 3 records for the EP, with every track having its own identity and unique vibe.”
Magnificence EP artwork (Source: Axtone Records Online)

How did our tracks end up with Axwell?

“Well, firstly, we met Edd, the label manager at Axtone, around 3 years ago. It was at a music industry soccer party during ADE. We had some conversations and we have kept in contact since then. When we sent him some initial demo’s, he was really excited about the sound and immediately forwarded the records to Axwell. After a couple of hours, we jumped into a call and got the great news that Axwell was really hyped about our new tracks.
Thanks to the efforts by the Axtone team as well as our management we then got the chance to release the first 3 tracks in our new sound as an EP. While Axwell implemented 2 track in the Swedish House Mafia reunion show and the premiered the 3rd one in his shows together with Ingrosso. Which gave the EP it’s massive momentum we could only dream of. The support list after releasing the EP became only bigger and bigger. We feel so blessed that the tracks are so well received throughout the industry.”
Swedish House Mafia perform “Out of My Mind” by Magnificence (Source: Youtube)

How would you describe your new sound and what genre’s do you take inspiration from?

“We feel it’s a mixture of percussive electro house, filled with synths and sounds often used in drum & bass. But to label it genre-wise… we’re open to suggestions!”

As Producers/Songwriters, what advice do you offer to any kind of musician starting to create or write music?

Find your sound and passion! This means at first to discover a lot of different sounds and different genre’s, trust us, you will learn so much from this. When you start producing music you can learn a lot from your favourite artist, trying to rebuild tracks you love will give you more insight into how you can find these sounds on your own.

When things get a get more serious, we would advise to never produce music that doesn’t suit your personality or your taste, because no matter how hard you’ll try it will not sound sincere. Even if that’s the most popular sound, it probably doesn’t work for you. For us, the one reason to produce music is that we are absolutely passionate about creating new music, please don’t produce music because you see it as a potential job or cash influx.”

Magnificence in the studio (Source: @magnificencenl on Instagram)

What kind of music do you like listening to in your free time and who are your major influences?

Maurice: “ We both listen to a lot of different sounds. I really love to explore all kinds of genres, however, my favourite genre that I like to listen to is funk and disco from the 70’s and 80’s.”
Robin: “I listen mostly to Indie music, it’s somewhere where I don’t have to think too much because when I listen to music I always make these calculations about why it sounds like that. With indie and chill music I like to relax and just go with the easy vibe. I’m a big fan of RY X that is a great example of the vibe where I was talking about. If it comes to dance music Swedish House Mafia, Axwell, Tiesto, & Martin Garrix have a great influence on me and how they translate their music to people and their shows. I also like analysing a-lot of different genres like hip-hop, dancehall and rock music. I’m always trying to find those specific elements and try to translate these into a different perspective in my music. In a sense make it more sound like “me”. I think music overall has a major influence on me and my daily life.”
Magnificence in the studio (Source: @magnificencenl on Instagram)

Lastly, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

“We have a lot of new music coming up actually! We can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve been up to. Of course, we just releasedDrop it Low’ on Revealed Recordings, which has been received very well. Apart from that our official remix for Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano which will drop this summer, people have been asking a lot about that one.
After this, we’ve got new originals coming up, and perhaps a surprise here and there…”

Listen to their new EP out now on Axtone Records: