For the 3rd and final edition of this series we’ll take a look at creating some sequenced percussive techno licks using Wavetable.


In order to trigger our sound we’ve programmed some 16th notes on C2. From the Distortion category we select the Wow wavetable, to make the tone more interesting and aggressive we load in the FM oscillator Effect, take the Tune up to 61% and the Amount up to 49%. In Osc2 we load the Sub 2 wavetable from the Basics section, and once again employ the oscillator effect to beef up the sound, loading in the Modern mode, we take the Warp up to 12% and the Fold to 82%, we also drop this oscillator down -1 octave. And for a bit of low frequency rumble, we add the Sub oscillator.

In order to make things more percussive we need to create a pitch envelope as well as pay attention to the shape of the Amp envelope. We take the Decay and Sustain down for the Amp envelope, and then modulate the Pitch with Env 2, again setting no sustain and a low Decay time. We also modulate the Wave Position Control with Env 2, giving a nice noise to the top end.

In the filter section, we set a low pass filter using the MS2 filter circuit and set about 10db of Drive, bring down the Cutoff we add a touch of Resonance. We then add another filter in the Filter 2 slot, loading up a band pass filter, using the OSR circuit this time, again we add Resonance and Drive. We then change the Filter routing to Parallel, meaning the sound will pass through both filters simultaneously. We send the Filter 1 Frequency to Env 2, which tightens up the feel of the sound.

We also direct Filter 1 to LFO 1. We tempo sync LFO 1, setting the rate to 1 and turning off the Retrigger. This creates a really nice movement on the filter, the envelope modulation is keeping things tight and plucky whilst the LFO modulation is opening and closing the sound.

We add a final few flourishes to finish the sound off. Adding some side chained volume ducking via Xfer Records’ LFO Tool, a touch of Reverb and then we automate the band pass filter frequency (Filter 2) as well as the Env 2 Decay, to create intense builds to help transition the arrangement.

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