In this week’s edition of the journal, we sat down with the producer behind our Post Rock release, discussing their production process, favourite pieces of gear and challenges behind creating a Sample Pack!

Tell us a little bit about POST ROCK and how you prepared for this release

“With this release, I wanted to explore this vast, cinematic genre  – soaring guitars, driving bass, lush synthesizers and twinkly percussion. I dusted off all my old records and headed for the stars.”

What got you inspired during the creation of this pack? Any particular influences?

“Lots of things, but especially Sigur Rós (Takk), Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven) and Múm (Finally We Are No One)”

What was your biggest challenge in creating this sample pack?

“Creating this pack was very easy and a lot of fun.  The main challenge was creating loops that conveyed the epic scale and momentum of a larger piece – but condensed into short, bite-sized chunks.”

Tell us a little bit about your current studio setup?

“My set up revolves around my trusty Macbook and Apogee Duet running Logic X and lots of old synths, tuned percussion and guitars.. and around million guitar pedals!”

Your Top 3 favorite pieces of gear?

“- Fender Telecaster
– Moog Sub 37
– ROLI Lightpad Block M”

What’s a unique, unconventional production technique that you would like to share with our readers?

“On this release I have been experimenting with my new Lightpad Block by ROLI, a fully customisable bluetooth controller.  Using the 5×5 Matrix, I have been programming different scales onto each block and through playing around with shapes have discovered amazing new melodies and harmonies.”

What DAW do you normally use, and what are some plugins you typically use?

“Mainly I mix and arrange in Logic X, though enjoy using Ableton for experimentation, Reason for some of the synths (especially Malström) and Max/MSP for getting freaky.  I love all Native Instruments (Card carrying Komplete Ultimate aficionado), PSP (especially the Vintage Warmer on a Drum Bus!) and adore Echoboy, Crystallizer and the whole Soundtoys Collection.”

Any tips or advice for aspiring producers?

“My number one tip would be to trust yourself.”

Check out the pack here: