This week on the Journal we sat down with esteemed DJ & producer, Steve Brian. Known for his releases on Enhanced Music & Euphonic Records, we caught up with Steve to talk production tips, becoming a successful Trance producer and his passion for undertaking different projects.

What made you decide to pursue a career in the music industry, especially as a Trance producer and DJ?

“Of course my ‘Steve Brian’ alias is my main project and I love Trance. This has been my passion for sure, but I am producing so much music for 10 diffferent projects/artists and so many genres, like House music, Uplifting Trance, Pop Music, Trap, Deep House & Future House. You should listen to my ‘Cabriolet Paris’ alias as well, but I will never disregard my Steve Brian productions and take my time for this music.”

You recently remixed the 300th release from Enhanced Progressive. How did you approach the task of remixing classic tracks from the label and giving them a fresh sound?

“To give you some background on Enhanced Progressive’s 300th release – this summer I asked Enhanced about doing a compilation and they mentioned they had their 300th release coming up on Enhanced Progressive, and would I be up for remixing both old and new tracks from the label, and making it into a 300th release celebration, which I was very interested in. It became a very special release, with 13 tracks featuring remixes of artists that started out on the label such as Arty, Audien, Steve Brian, Anry, LTN, as well as new artists such as East & Atlas, Axis and more.”

If you could give any upcoming artists one piece of advice, what would it be?

“There are so much ways how to work on production. On the one hand of course you need to be tough with lots of patience and persistence, and on the other hand you have to elaborate on your own sound and style. Be creative every day and take time to allow for your own sound to develop.”

What achievement of yours are you most proud of?

“There are plenty of achievements that I’m very proud of. The latest things are of course my tracks ‘Angola’ & ‘Kyoto’ an of course the ‘Enhanced Progressive 300’ release.  I’ve never had reactions like it!”

What can we expect from Steve Brian in 2018?

“2017 was my biggest year so far which gave me so much motivation and I’m planning my second artist album for Steve Brian in 2018 (beside lots of strong singles) and another artist album for my side project ‘Cabriolet Paris’ which is for deeper sounds.”

“Many thanks for the interview!’