As another year draws to a close, the staff here at Sample Magic are eager to reflect on their favourite releases of the 2017. With the vast amount of unique, high-quality and cutting-edge content, this was no easy task! Check out what made the top our lists:

Sharooz – CEO: SM 166 – Modular Electro

This pack basically exemplified my preferred genre down to a tee. The variety of sounds and styles was so authentically crafted – you could tell a lot of time and effort had gone into getting it just right. I know the creators personally and their modular collection is nothing short of amazing. One of them, Ali Jamieson is a known authority on all things modular. That artwork was on another level too!”

Israel Medina – Product Manager: SM 164 – Sleazy Beats

“Sleazy Beats, in my opinion, was the best sample library we released this year. The amount of detail that went into this pack is amazing; from the MPC influenced drums and percussion, the jazz and futuristic inspired melodics, this release encapsulates everything I liked and expected out of a sample pack and more! With more producers looking for an eclectic mix of styles, sounds, and production while also leaning more toward a counter culture approach, it’s no surprise to me that this pack was received well by anyone and everyone who gave the demos a listen (or two)!”

John Kunkel – Product Manager: SM 143 – Lo-Fi Electronica

“To me, this was the 2017 ‘chillwave’ pack. It had all the things I love about sample packs: lo-fi drums, gritty synths, wow ‘n’ fluttered melodics, and bit-reduced basslines. If the melodics and synths don’t do it for you, then the drums certainly will. An ideal pack for producers who are into the Vaporwave or Lo-Fi aesthetic side of music.”

Niall Hoban – Head of Formatting: SM148 – Festival Pop

“2017 has been an incredible year with the release of so many amazing titles from the SM camp. My standout pick is SM148 Festival Pop.  The drum hits have really nice resonances, punchy transients and a decent amount of coloration without sounding too overdriven or distorted, which is something I listen for when selecting sounds for my projects. Next up are the Inspiration and Music loops, there are so many variations to choose from. Maybe reach for a single shot and program your own pattern or take a pre-made loop and re-arrange the notes to fit your groove.  I like to choose single shot drum hits and layer with the drum loops to create my own unique textures. This pack has a strong variety of sounds, which I’ve used in different musical projects, including Pop, House, Techno, 2-Step and Bassline.  Festival Pop is a pack that sits at the top of my sample collection.”

Enda Harte – Social Media Manager: SM White Label – Dark Electro

“I grew up listening to this style of music. It’s really refreshing to hear this broken down in a quality Sample Pack. You can hear the producer has put in a-lot of hours crafting each of the loops and individual hits. I’ve been using elements of this release to help create my own music too!”

Andrew Pearce – Formatting Assistant: SM 125 Organic Electronica 2

“An incredible follow up the original Organic Electronica, this sequel has consistently shown up in my productions throughout this year. The combination of off-kilter rhythms, lo-fi beats, ambient textures and found sound percussion make it complementary to nearly any modern production. This is an essential collection for any producer looking to make forward-thinking downtempo or garage-influenced tracks.”

Matt Fudge – Head of Plugin Development: SM 140 Future Pop 2

“An intricate collection of crafted beats, chopped vocals and modern synth sounds that captured the best side of future leaning pop in 2017. I found myself turning to this collection as both inspiration and a never fail set of loops and synth one shots to enhance productions. The drums were especially stand out to me along with the chopped vocal sounds which I felt exemplified some of this years most creative sound design among our releases.”