We caught up with Fedde Le Grand for an end of year chat, discussing his latest releases, what’s incoming and his favourite piece of studio kit.

Where did the influences stem from for “Wonder Years”? What influences you the most to create a new piece of music?

“I draw inspiration from literally anything. At the moment I’m feeling pretty much anything goes musically and that feeling of not really having any boundaries musically inspires me a lot. I think you could say that for Wonder Years as well. With this song I actually got the topline first, it was literally played to me by phone by my management and even though I could just hear bits I loved it right away. I think it’s just a stunning song and I’m happy I was able to release it.”

You are known for a host of incredible live performances, so how do you prepare for any kind of show?

“Believe it or not, but I still get kind of nervous for every show I do. Not anything all-consuming or anything. But I want to give everything I do my very best, so I like to have at least a half an hour or so to myself before each show to just get in the vibe, checkout the crowd if I can and that’s pretty much it. No super weird rituals or anything I guess.”

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self, looking back on your expansive career?

“Give yourself a break every now and then…. It’s hard work and without it you won’t reach anything, but I’m really a work-a-holic and even though I kind of love perfecting pretty much everything I do, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to’ve cut myself a break every now and then :)”

What’s the one bit of kit (apart from your computer/laptop) in your studio setup, you can’t live without?

“Fabfilter and my native instruments plugins.”

Which artists do you currently take inspiration from?

“I rediscovered MJ Cole.”

What’s in-store for you in 2018?

“A lot more music for starters! I’m just feeling so inspired and have been for the last year pretty much. I feel the climate is very open to explore whichever musical direction I want and that’s giving me a lot of energy. Apart from that I’m working on some cool projects already but I don’t want to get ahead of things so I’ll keep some to myself for a little longer ;)”

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