This week on the Journal, we sat down with British DJ & Producer Corey James. We talked about his touring schedule, signing with Steve Angello and the changes he’s faced since he started producing music.

You’ve just released ‘Funky Music’ with Teamworx on SIZE Records, tell us about this track? Do you think there is an art to the perfect collab?

“‘Funky Music’ is the follow-up to mine and Teamworx’s 2016 hit ‘Make The Crowd Go’ via Protocol, which got a lot of support. We all agreed a follow-up was needed, so we kept the same feel/vibe and when Steve Angello heard it, he loved, perfect for SIZE! I also think the perfect collab is when everyone shares the same ideas, when you do, everything is so fluid, there’s so much creativity etc together, it’s great.”

How has your music-making process changed since you started producing?

“My music making has changed dramatically over the years, but I think as you make it you kind of find your perfect style on which works well for you. I think it’s important to take inspiration but not copy, also take breaks from making music too. If you sit in front of a screen for hours and hours and nothing comes, go take a walk outside the studio etc and you’ll be impressed by how much it can spark new ideas and inspiration.”

Does touring affect your creativity? Are you able to work comfortably on the road?

“I don’t normally work on much music whilst touring as I like to be in a studio when working.  However, on the road I do tiny adjustments/reference mixdowns, and maybe some arrangement stuff just to save time and so I’m still productive. I’ve only just recently got a laptop for touring so maybe I’ll get use to it and fully switch to producing on the road, but not just yet haha.”

If there was one artist you could collaborate with, who would it be and why?

“I don’t think there’s just one artist I would want to collab with, the list goes on and on, but I would really like to collab with Steve Angello one day, because he has influenced me over the years and I love his production and style.”

What advice would you offer aspiring producers in today’s dance music scene?

“Keep your head down and work hard, anything is possible. If you really want to make it you can, it’s just about how much you want it. Find a way that suits you to be creative.”

Finally, what’s your favourite moment of 2017 been? And what do you already have planned for 2018?

“My favourite moment of 2017 was signing to Steve Angello’s SIZE Records, it still feels surreal, I’ve always idolised him, and having him as my mentor now is a dream come true! Going into 2018, I’ve got some great records signed and set for early releases; I can’t wait for you to hear them all!”