This week on the Journal, we sat down with Norwegian DJ & Producer Fehrplay. We talked about his brand new label Mood of Mind, the major changes he’s faced since he started producing music and dream collaborations.

1. You’ve recently started your own Label called Mood of Mind. How did this project come about?

“Yes! It’s always been a goal to have my own label, and I’ve been working towards it as a side project over the last 2 years.

Finally I got it going in March this year, and it feels great. Kind of wish I pulled my finger out, and got it started earlier. It really feels nice to have my own outlet where I don’t have to go through A&Rs and busy release schedules to get stuff released.”

2. How has your music-making process changed since you started producing?

“Well, like most, in the early days, I was producing a bit of everything. I went through anything from hip hop, drum & bass to film music, but the itch was always the strongest for dance music, and in particular trance.

What was great back then was that the whole reason for making music was for the fun of it. I made music just for myself. When I started signing music to labels, the pressure to produce quality tracks became high, and it very quickly went from a hobby to a career. Others opinions had a great impact on my production flow, whether I wanted it or not. You do get used to it, and there are definitely productive benefits from that pressure, but the childish play can easily get lost. Now, running my own label, I feel like I’m back to those old school days of making music just for myself, and I love it.”

3. Does touring affect your creativity? Are you able to work comfortably on the road?

“I produce music in two ways; on the road, and in the studio. They are pretty different. On the road, I feel a lot more creative, and the fact that I can take my laptop anywhere with me, is amazing.

The day after a good gig, I’m always full of ideas, and a lot of released tracks have been started on planes and in airports the day after a good gig. The mixing and full arrangement is done in the studio though, and is equally important. I never get that perfect mix on the road with just headphones, so the studio time is critical.”

4. If there was one artist you could collaborate with, who would it be and why?

“I’ve always said Michal Jackson, I’ve been a big fan since childhood. Obviously, that’s gonna be a tough one. In the club music scene though, it would have to be Maceo Plex. His style is impeccable and always feels fresh I think.”

5. What advice would you offer aspiring producers in today’s dance music scene?

“Don’t box yourself in and listen to much to what people around you think. Be confident in your vision, and stick to it. Don’t worry too much about your music not sounding as well mixed as the top tracks on beatport.

In the end its the idea and the feel of the track that matters. Try to make your arrangements different. It’s some of the most refreshing listens I have when the arrangements surprise me.

Lastly, move around. Don’t get stuck in the studio for days on end. Just grabbing your laptop and set up at a cafe or something can be a huge boost for creativity.”

6. Finally, What can we expect from you in the closing months of 2017?

“I’m squeezing in some music before the end of the year, so look out for that on Mood of Mind. Then some touring late November!”

Find out more about Fehrplay here.