British producer Tim Mason has well and truly established himself as a predomiant force in the Progressive House scene. Remixing the likes the of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Moby and Timbaland, his unique sound is currently seducing the dancefloors of the biggest clubs in the world. We sat down with Tim to talk all things music production.

How did you get into music in the first place?

“I got into music at a very young age. I started playing clarinet at the age of 5 but moved to piano a couple of years later.”

You’ve become a pretty big name in the progressive house scene. What do you like most about progressive house as a genre?

“I like the fact that it is all about emotions, It’s not about the drop etc.. It gives me the freedom to make music without any formulas.”

How do you approach a new project? How do you take an idea from start to finish?

“It varies from one record to the other but I usually start with playing around with some chord progressions on the piano until something hits me. Otherwise, I’d make a beat/groove and take it from there. Whatever inspires me first! haha”

Can you tell us a little about your current studio setup?

“My current studio setup is a lot smaller these days as I rely mostly on plugin’s these days. I had to keep all the analogue synths though, that’s 11 of em. I also use the Genelec’s for monitoring and kept the Neve 8816 Summing Mixer.”

Do you have any major future plans we should be looking out for?

“There are but still early to say anything for now. Still, a few more singles to come out this year though and of course touring the globe.”