This week on The Journal, we caught up with Lane 8 a.k.a Daniel Goldstein, the producer behind some of the most highly eclectic melodic deep house Tracks around today. Lane 8 has cemented his presence on imprints like Anjunadeep and Suara, whilst also launching and maintaining his own label along with an innovative new show concept, This Never Happened. We caught up with him to find out more about his music-making process and what’s in store for the future.

What was the electronic music scene like where you grew up? As nowadays it seems to be a huge part of the culture there.

“I grew up in the suburbs, so my music scene was listening to the radio with my finger on the record button, ready to press it as soon as I heard my favorite song coming in. I was never really a part of the San Francisco music scene growing up.

When I went to college in LA, the whole Ed Banger movement was quite popular, as well as more beats-based stuff like Ratatat, and I think going to a lot of shows and being exposed to those new sounds at the time influenced me a lot in my later productions.”

Who has inspired you most as an artist?

“When I was young I was really obsessed with the Pet Shop Boys, my dad had all of their albums and I spent a good amount of my childhood with those CDs in my boombox. I think my sense of synthesis and melody comes a lot out of their style.”

How has your music-making process changed since you started producing?

“When I first started making electronic music, I had a keyboard linked to a drum machine over MIDI, and a 4 track recorder. I basically just jammed on each machine and recorded the results, but I had zero sense of arrangement, mixing, etc. It was just pure creative joy without any worries over the final end product (although at the time i thought the end product was awesome!)”

Can you tell us a little about your current studio setup these days?

“I travel quite a lot these days so I have to make do on the laptop. It’s actually fine by me, I don’t like being tied down to a studio space with tons of gear. I prefer to be able to make music anywhere immediately when inspiration hits.”

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

“We’ve actually just signed three new artists to my record label, This Never Happened – and will be putting out two tracks from each of them on a compilation called “Root to Branch” this month. The first single, “Nostalgia” by a new artist called Limara is out now, and we are really excited to share the rest of the music soon.”

The whole EP will come out on beatport on August 25.