Though we’re best known for over a decade’s worth of pro sounds, patches and MIDI, we’ve also been hard at work building some excellent studio tools in the form of our three plugins: Magic AB, Stacker and Boost. Now, we’ve bundled them together so you can own all three and save 30% in the process! Grab all three here.

But what exactly are these plugins, and what do they do? Read on to find out…


Boost is a simple, powerful mix finalising utility designed to get your music sounding as full and polished as possible using a minimal amount of processing.

Utilising cutting-edge low-latency DSP, Boost adds multi-band compression, 4-band equalisation, stereo enhancement, brick wall limiting and filters out inaudible low frequencies to give a fuller, louder and wider mixdown.

Magic AB v2

The concept behind Magic AB is simplicity itself – an easy-to-use but powerful utility plugin that allows you to switch between the audio you are working on in your DAW and up to nine reference tracks at the click of a mouse.

Magic AB v2 sits on your mix bus (or individual channels), allowing instant switching between your current project and the reference material in pristine, transparent quality, regardless of the processes already on the mix bus. If required, plugins can be added post Magic AB to provide a sounding point for programme material with or without additional processing.


Stacker is a uniquely powerful drum layering plugin that uses sampling and synthesis across multiple layers to create personalised drum sounds, from cutting-edge beats and finely honed vintage hits to cinematic-style SFX. It can also be used to craft a near limitless range of tailor-made sounds, from lush chords and complex percussion to esoteric ambient FX.

Stacker boasts three independent sample layers, a fully fledged analogue-style drum synthesiser, dynamic FX section, plus innovative tools like Scatter (intelligent time displacement) and Pump (delay and impulse sculpting).

You can grab all of these tools here for only £99/$127.