In our latest edition of The Journal, we picked the brains of the producer who has been responsible for some of the most formidable progressive house records in recent years, Dragan Roganović a.k.a Dirty South. We discussed his gear & setup, plus what’s in store for the Serbian / Austrailian maestro’s future.

What has been the biggest change in your studio since you started making music?

The biggest change in my studio was actually a few things lately. One of them is getting into lots of analogue synths, the second getting an SSL console and third is switching DAWS from Logic to Ableton. I needed some new inspiration after many years of making music.

(Dragan’s recording studio in Melbourne, Australia)

What single piece of gear would you never get rid of and why? 

If I really had to pick then it would be the computer/laptop. When it comes down to it really, technology has come such a long way that all the DAWS, plugins and soft synths sound so good, so essentially all I really need is a laptop to make music. Everything else outside of that is a luxury and it’s another source of inspiration.

How has your approach to production changed over the years?

I guess my music making approach has changed by getting into more analogue gear because it makes me really mess with the instruments and effects by being hands on and moulding sounds, rather than flicking through presets on a soft synth and getting bored when I don’t find something I’m looking for. I’m really having fun recording sounds coming from machines outside the computer and manipulating them in real time while recording, It’s almost like a performance.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned while making music?

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to take time and short breaks while making music. Taking breaks during a session give me time to reset my brain, so when I come back from my break, I can listen to what I’ve been doing the last couple of hours and really make a clear decision if I like what I’ve done so far. It also gives my ears a break especially if I’ve been on a vibe with crazy loud, speaker levels.

What can we expect from you in the near feature?

More music! I’m always making music and trying to come up with new stuff and be inspired.

What artists are you loving right now?

There is so much good music out now and lots of labels like Anjunadeep, Knee Deep in Sound, Dynamic and so many others are putting out great stuff! It’s a really good time for dance music!