Ableton Racks are a powerful tool. Not only is it possible to map complex features and functions to a single knob, but the ability to stack, layer and blend effects and tones can lead to some extremely unique sound design possibilities. We’ve been creating custom Racks for years now, with everything from mixing and mastering to synthesis and FX all covered across our range of Ableton tools.

More recently we’ve been exploring how to give you even more bang-for-your-buck when picking up an SM pack and our recent Lo-Fi Drums collection is a perfect example.

We’ve created some exclusive Ableton Racks to add lo-fi grit, character and power to your sounds. To give you an insight into how the Racks work, we’ve created a video looking at how to incorporate them into your music. They’re not just for the included sounds, you can put the racks on anything in your mix – watch the video above and start experimenting by picking up the pack here. Take a look at our other Ableton Racks here.