Snap Automation / Marquee selection Automation

Found at the bottom of your Snap options, Snap Automation will snap your automation nodes according to your Snap setting. Incredibly useful wen you want your automation points to snap to an exact bar or beat position. Also handy for editing automation is the marquee tool, make a marquee selection over a section of your automation and it will create double nodes at either side, meaning you can click and drag on the line to move it up or down, allowing you to create automation that drops right on the grid without the need for any zooming in or fiddly editing.

Repeat Section / Cut Section / Insert Section / Insert Silence

These four tools can save you huge amounts of time editing arrangements. Accessed in your Toolbar, Insert Silence is sometimes hidden in the dropdown to the right depending on screen size. If you can’t see these tools in your Toolbar for some reason, right-click on your Toolbar and select ‘Customize Toolbar’ and make sure they’re selected to appear. These tools make editing and working through arrangements a breeze, simply make your cycle selection and choose what action you want to apply to that section.

Cycle Options

If you read our tip for Playback Priority in the previous Logic post, this one’s in a similar vein. Of course, you can create cycle selections by clicking and dragging the cycle range at the top of your arrangement. However, there’s a few options for customizing the behavior of how the cycle selection is set. If you have ‘Auto Set Locators’ set, the cycle range is set automatically according to the regions you have selected, which is a great way to quickly audition different sections of an arrangement. Another way to work with the cycle range is to uncheck ‘Auto Set Locators’ and set your cycle range according to Marquee, Region or Note selection. Make your selection and press ‘cmd + U’ to set the cycle range.

Split Region/Events at Playhead position

I find this one is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the < & > buttons, as they will move the Playhead forwards or backwards in 1 bar increments (or 8 bar increments if you hold shift), and provided your region is selected pressing ‘cmd + T’ will cut the region at the playhead position.

Advanced MIDI editing with Select options

Whilst in your Piano roll, head to Edit > Select for some advanced MIDI editing options. One of the most useful options here is ‘Same Subposition’, allowing you to make a selection across a long MIDI part according to a note’s subposition.

For example, the 3rd note in each 2 bars of your sequence is off, select the first 3rd note, select ’Same Subposition’ from the Select options, and now every 3rd note in your sequence is now selected, meaning you can quickly apply any necessary edits to the note without having to go through the whole section shift+clicking to select each one.