Trim Region Start to Next Transient

A huge time saver if you do a lot of sampling of audio sources from live recordings, field recordings or sampling drum machines or synths where the audio isn’t tempo synced. Logic includes a ‘Trim Region Start to Next Transient’ key command, which will do exactly that. Access this by heading to Edit > Trim > Trim Region Start to Next Transient, or by using the key command ‘ctrl, shift, closing square bracket.’

Playback Priority

If you hover your mouse pointer over the Play Button in the Transport, you’ll see a small downwards arrow in the bottom right corner, this is the case for a few of the controls in the Transport and means you can customize the behavior of this control. Right clicking on the Play button will reveal the option for Playback Priority, unchecking any of the options will remove them from playback behavior. For example, if you uncheck ‘Play From Cycle’ and you have a cycle set over a loop, you’ll be able to highlight regions anywhere in your arrangement and playback from there, regardless of cycle selection.

Time handles

Accessed in the Piano Roll > Functions drop-down, or by using the shortcut ‘ctrl + T’, Time Handles is an intuitive tool for quickly editing MIDI in a way that would take forever if you were trying to edit the MIDI manually. Simply click and drag over a selection of MIDI notes and stretch and shrink time, or even completely reverse the notes of a sequence by dragging the left handle over to the right.

Crescendo MIDI Transform

Logic’s MIDI Transform options are incredibly powerful for editing and adjusting MIDI parts. One particularly useful preset is the Crescendo. While in the Piano Roll of your MIDI region, head to Functions > MIDI Transform > Crescendo. Without going too deep into the MIDI Transform box options, essentially select what Velocity you want your Crescendo to start from using the top box (anything from 1-127) and select what you want your Crescendo you go up to. If you only want to apply the Crescendo to a selection of MID notes, make the selection and select ‘Operate Only’ or if you want to apply the Crescendo to the whole region select ‘Select and Operate.’ Voila! An awesome technique for programming drum rolls or build up sections.

Transpose MIDI Events Key Commands

The Transpose shortcuts available in Logic’s Piano Roll can speed up workflow when editing MIDI parts. Accessed from heading to Edit > Transpose, you can shift your note selection up/down by +/- 1 semitone or +/- 1 octave. Getting familiar with these key commands means you can quickly audition your part in different octaves, or move notes up/down a few semitones without fiddling around with mouse gestures. Hold ‘alt/option’ and use the up/down arrow to move in semitones or press ‘shift + alt/options’ to move up or down in octave increments.