In this week’s Journal Entry, we caught up with the producer behind “Deeper Tech-House,” a deep and driving powerful tech-house collection highlighting the best in underground dance music.

Tell us a little bit about Deeper Tech-House and how you prepared for this release. 

“Deeper Tech House is a versatile pack for any producer making anything from deep house to chill tech-house. It takes inspiration from a talented bunch of producers like Mr.G Andhim, Sonny Fedora, Rampa and Solomun. It also takes a lot of inspiration from 90’s synths and soundsets but with a modern twist. The drums on the pack range from very deep and rolling to slamming techy and almost jacking type beats.

I prepared by listening to a lot of the music I was digging at the moment then narrowing down a creative direction. Usually, I start by coming up with a bunch of track ideas, then whittle them down and expand on the ones I think have a lot of promise.”

What got you inspired during the creation of Deeper Tech-House? Any particular influences?

“Labels like Defected, Innervisions, Keinemusik, Apollonia, and Diynamic were influences. Also at the time, I have just moved, so I had a new studio space and set up, so a chance in setting had an influence on the pack and my approach to this pack. I am currently sharing a studio with my friend and sometimes collaborator Uros so the combination of his gear and mine has opened a lot of doors!”

What was your biggest challenge in creating this sample pack?

“The biggest challenge of making this pack (and any other pack really), is to make a pack that is versatile and not too repetitive. As a producer of sample packs, you want to make a product that is useful and quality.”

Tell us a little bit about your current studio setup.

“My current setup revolves around Ableton Live with some hardware pieces like a Roland Juno 106, OP-1 some Elektron pieces (an Octatrack and Monomachine), a Chandler LTD2, Great River MP-2NV, and Sennheiser MD 441-U Dynamic super-cardioid mic. I intend to integrate an Akai MPC 2000 into the setup soon!”

What’s a unique, unconventional production technique that you would like to share with our readers?

“I like to do ambient field recordings with my smartphone, bring them into Ableton Live and filter them just so (for instance take out all the low’s and tiny hi’s)…then I add some chorus add an Xfer LFO Tool on it and gently layer them behind my drums. Sounds dope…”

What DAW do you regularly use, and what are some plugins you typically use?

“I have been using Ableton Live for the past five years or so. I used to use Logic, but I feel that writing music in Ableton is much more intuitive. Some of the plugins I have been using a lot at the moment are Xfer Records LFO Tool, Nomad Factory Magnetic 2Rob Papen SubBoomBass, Synapse Dune 2, and Tone 2 Saurus.”

Any tips or advice for aspiring producers?

“Stick to your guns, usually if your gut tells you your onto something cool, it usually means you are!”