In our latest entry for our series “The Making of…” we caught up with the producer behind SM White: Label Bass House 2.

Tell us a little bit about Bass House 2 and how you prepared for this release.

“This pack was made for connoisseurs of the low end! I’m a real perfectionist and spent ages shaping the bass and drums, in particular, to do some damage on the club system. If you like your sub frequencies, this pack is probably for you.”

What got you inspired during the creation of this pack? Any particular influences?

“The bass scene is thriving, in the UK and on the other side of the pond. Some great artists are coming through with some amazing new sounds. Labels like NightBass, Food Music, Dirtybird keep pushing the bass sound into new spheres. I listened a lot to music from these labels, and stuff that was doing real damage on the dance floors for me in my sets.”

What was your biggest challenge in creating this sample pack?

“The biggest challenge was making sure the low end was spot on. There is some amazing new gear out there now, and some of the hardware/software by companies such as Universal Audio allow meticulous control of the low frequencies like never before. My top tip for aspiring producers is experiment with as many new bits of gear as possible. The new UAD Little Labs VOG plug-in is fantastic for this kind of bass sound.”

Tell us a little bit about your current studio setup.

“My studio is an old barn in Oxfordshire. I have a beautiful old analog mixing desk that I run everything I do at the final stage to impart a nice analog warmth to the sound. It was the mixing desk used by George Michael to record “Careless Whisper.” (RIP George) I’m a real gear junkie, I’ve got synths and compressors all over the place. For this pack, I used the Arp Odyssey, Korg MS20, Moog Sub 37, Thermionic Culture Vulture & a lot of Universal Audio plugins. Below is a pic of my current setup.”

Top 3 favorite pieces of gear?

“Arp Odyssey, UAD Manley Mastering EQ & Compressor, and my new Dynaudio BM 15 monitors.”

What’s a unique, unconventional production technique that you would like to share with our readers?

“Crazy EQing on bass. Don’t stick to the rule book when it comes to creating a sound. Sometimes I do 20db boosts and cuts with FabFilter Pro-Q, followed by another 20dB boost, just to warp the sound. You wouldn’t be taught that in any music college, but to be different you need to think outside the box and experiment.”

What DAW do you generally use, and what are some plugins you typically use?

“Ableton. I used to use Pro Tools but got more and more into the ease of manipulating audio in Ableton. Now I use this solely. Plug-in wise I use a lot of Universal Audio stuff, as I have a few of the Apollo rack mounts in my studio. The UAD stuff isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. Other than that, the Spectrasonics stuff is amazing, along with the Fabfilter range. Synth-wise I still use the ten-year-old Sylenth plugin as its still one of the strongest VST’s out there.”

Any tips or advice for aspiring producers?

“Don’t be afraid to experiment with new sounds, and don’t give up. It’s easy to get disillusioned when trying to create new sounds/ideas. A lot of the time the best sounds/music comes from mistakes. Keep playing, and you will learn as you go and you will create something wonderful in the end.”