As another year draws to a close, the staff here at Sample Magic take time to reflect on their favourite releases of the year. With the gargantuan amount of fresh, high-quality and cutting-edge content released in 2016, this was no easy task!

Sharooz – CEO: SM101 – Future Soul

“For me Future Soul encapsulates everything that is bold, adventurous and forward-thinking about Sample Magic. A perfectly-produced collection and a modern masterpiece if I say so myself.”

Lukas – Label Manager: SM105 – Future Beat

“Brutally current, multi-faceted and endlessly catchy, for me Future Beat is all about summing up the current state of melodic trap and R&B in one super flexible package.  Super-charged for Ableton (my DAW of choice) there’s loads and loads of great, flexible stuff to choose from – inspiring for a current track or great for going down a musical rabbit hole. The sky really is the limit for this pack as all the tools are at my disposal for a range of sounds and genres with high-quality building blocks.’’

John – Senior Product Manager: SM113 – Vaporware

“Probably the only pack of its kind currently in the industry, Vaporwave stands as one of the most unique releases ever delivered by Sample Magic. As an electronic music sub-genre forged in the the depths of geek-ridden internet communities, defined by an obsession with vintage design, entertainment, technology and advertising of the 1980s and 1990s, Sample Magic’s take on Vaporwave follows the cyberpunk aesthetic meticulously and philosophically. What really stands out to me about this pack isn’t related to its pragmatics but rather its ability to transcend sampling conventions in favor of creating a work of art.”

Declan – Business Development Manager: SM110 – Organic Electronica

“Rich, deep and raw, this pack was definitely a highlight of 2016 – it’s been my go-to for excellent and unique drums, ethereal synths and general inspiration since the day it was released.”

Tom – Lead Formatting/Product Manager: SM98 – Ambient House

“A unique pack which explores the softer and more introspective side of house music. Melancholic melodics, consuming pads and off-kilter grooves are all tied together under a hazy, lo-fi aesthetic. The use of classic analogue technology such as the Roland RE-201 and Juno-60 is what really sets this pack apart from the rest. While so much of music production these days takes place ‘in the box’, it’s very refreshing to be able to inject a shot of analogue obscurity into your productions. The classic synth rack instruments in this pack allow you to get that coveted analogue sound, all while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of working in the digital realm. Essential for anyone producing in lo-fi, minimal or melodic house genres.”

Niall – Head of Formatting: SM White Label – Analogue Underground 2

“It’s been a great year for Sample Magic packs, and this one was tough to call, but Analogue Underground 2 just tips it for me. It delivers on all fronts, with some really great production techniques employed to get the drum transients rounded and punchy – essential for modern day music production. There’s a variety of live and modular percussion loops, which can be used to get some serious shuffle in your beats, and music loops to help give your project a sense of direction. The bass samples are really warm, with an analogue sound that fits straight into my productions without too much processing. The title is Analogue Underground 2, but I’ve used these in a variety of genres – just simply play back the Rex Loops at different tempos, re-program for different grooves, or layer the drum hits for different timbres/textures. The possibilities are endless when you’ve got a strong palette of sounds at your disposal, and Analogue Underground 2 certainly offers this.”

Enda – Customer Relations/Social Media: SM White Label – Cinematica

“Cinematica is an excellent starting point for those of us interested in contemporary electronic scoring. This release was crafted and processed with a plethora of analogue equipment in order to retain an authentic sound, perfect for that big screen spectacle. A must-have collection of samples, MIDI & patches for anyone producing the ambient, downtempo or soundtrack genres.”

Matt – Head of Plugin Development: SM112 – Future Electronica 2

“An immaculate collection of beats, sounds and inspiration. Future Electronica 2 easily found a way into my productions from the first thought to the final touch on a finished track. This pack collates some of the freshest sounds of 2016 electronica with new creative sparks at every turn.”