In the latest edition of The Journal, we asked the producers of “Future Pop” for tips on producing the genre. Here are their answers:

1. Slowed Down House Beats

Using slowed-down house beats at around 100bpm for your source material, add heavy swing tops to get that great future pop kit sound. You can also try programming a beat, adding heavy swing, and vocal one-shots to deliver a more quirky, futuristic sound.

2. Drum Hits

Future Pop often employs small snares/claps and big, yet simple kicks. Apply this technique to achieve greater amount of frequency range between the heavy, low kicks and shiny snares to provide ample room for instruments and vocals.
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3. Pitched-Vocals

Future Pop is well known for its melodic, keyboard-like pitched vocals. Import a vocal one-shot into your favorite sampler, allowing it to be triggered via your midi keyboard. After finding the correct pitch, experiment with different note patterns, adding subtle delay and room-styled reverbs. Another important element to achieving the technique is adjusting your sampler’s envelope settings. Medium attack and long release settings can smoothen an otherwise harsh vocal one-shot.

4. Bass Detail

Just like the kick, keep your bass nice and simple. A small, yet heavy bottom end with a small amount of grit is all that’s needed to get your track going. It is essential to tune, process, and EQ your kick and bass to work together. Subtle amounts of side-chaining can really help bring out the kick and give the bass some extra movement.