1. Saturation

Saturation processing is great way to add a richness, warmth and fullness to your mix, helping your tracks sound less “in-the-box” and by injecting harmonics and texture into the sound sounds. Both tube and tape saturation are great ways to dirty things up in order to capture the raw, heavily re-sampled aesthetic associated with the LA beat scene.

2. Exotic instrumentation

Producers working in the LA beat scene often re-appropriate sounds, rhythm and instrumentation from around the world. Delve deep into other musical cultures and explore the sonic, melodic and rhythmic potential of less familiar instruments such as kalimba, marimba, harp, koto and sitar.

3. Manipulating source material

Heavy sample processing is a staple of the LA beat scene. Whether it’s a vocal, percussion loop or field recording, try using a combination of filters, phasers, bit-crushers and distortion alongside re-looping and re-ptiching to create totally new and unique leads, pads or textures that barely resemble the source material.

4. Feel the groove

A great way to create beats which have that distinctive wonky groove is to use a sampler to program drum patterns rather than using the piano roll. Not only is it undeniably more fun than clicking a computer mouse, the freedom of finger-drumming gives that innate human feel into your beats and helps take your groove “off-the-grid” in new and interesting ways.

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