After three chart-topping Ableton products in 2014, we were keen to keep exploring the powerful potential of racks in Ableton in 2015.  That led us to devising five sample-based instruments for the core components of all electronic music: kick, snare, hats, bass and synth.

Integrating our renowned hardware and digital sound design with Ableton’s native processing tools, we’ve created five instrument racks that each come loaded with 64 patches and 8 powerful macro controls, offering an insanely diverse palette of sounds that can be tweaked and processed with intuitive ease.

Designed to be a go-to collection of instruments that are as useful in the studio as they are when performing live, they all sync seamlessly with both Ableton Live 9 and the Push controller.  To give you a flavour of what the racks can do we’ve put together this short video:

You can buy Ableton Instrument Racks exclusively here.