Our Ableton Magic Racks series has taken the SM chart by storm, with each of the three releases shooting straight to the number 1 slot – and all three continue to dominate the top five.  After their glowing review of the Mix Essentials edition, no wonder the guys at Future Music were keen to road test the Mixing & Mastering instalment in their FM281 issue.  Read the review in full below…

“For the second instalment of their hugely popular Ableton Live 9 series the Sample Magic team have come up trumps with again.  For less than a tenneryou get five macro-controlled racks that have been designed by those in-the-know for slightly greener in-the-box producers struggling to get that pro finish.

They’ve taken Ableton’s native tools and tailored a top-notch set of racks that hide a sophisticated processing chain behind their simple controls.  From the versatile Channel Strip with its nifty tape saturation and EQs to the foolproof Mastering Strip (featuring wonderfully inviting knobs like More Sub), you get a collection of finishing stages that are guaranteed to give your tracks the boom, width, sheen and punch that the big boys seem to capture so easily. 9/10.” (Future Music)

You can buy Ableton Magic Racks: Mixing & Mastering exclusively from the Sample Magic store.