Ableton Magic Racks: Mix Essentials is a collection of five powerful and intuitive racks designed to make sound shaping and mixing faster and easier than ever before.

Kick drum lacking weight? Snare too flabby? Percussion loop in need of energy? Struggling to achieve a focused bass sound? We’ve got a rack for that.  And more.

Comprising a Kick Tweaker, Snare Shaper, Bass Toner, Percussion Processor and Synth Modulator, each rack  has eight finely-honed macro controls for the most important aspects of each sound.  From common workflow tools to complex signal chains containing saturation, precisely honed EQ, parallel compression and limiting, each one is controlled via a single macro knob to make powerful sound-shaping simple and intuitive.

Compiled by Live power-user and long-time SM sound designer Hedflux, Magic Racks: Mix Essentials is the ultimate pairing of workflow optimiser and creative mix tool, allowing you to make intuitive production tweaks to the pivotal components of a track both in the studio and as part of Live sets.

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