For some it never went away, for others it’s back with a vengeance, and for an uninitiated few the raw energy of analogue techno is an entirely new aesthetic sweeping warehouse raves, basement shindigs and club dancefloors worldwide.

The likes of Boddika, Joy Orbison and Blawan have put tough drum machine beats and classic analogue synths to the forefront of underground dance music.  Analogue Techno takes these influences and more to bring you 800MB of wonky synth workouts, jackin’ ruff-house beats, dirty basslines, deep dubbed-out chords, FX-heavy vox loops and degraded textures crafted from an enviable selection of iconic and obscure hardware units.

Below are a selection of pictures documenting the three months of music making, knob twiddling and button bashing that went into making the collection.  An unruly mass tangled wires, synths, drum machines, outboard units and FX toys, we hope you have as much fun using it as we did making it.

Check out the full details and listen to the demos here.


Buried under there somewhere is the classic Roland SH101 and Elektron’s powerful Octatrack. drum machine.



The trusty Korg MS20 made an appearance.


The Sherman Filterbank 2 can be heard working its magic throughout the collection – especially on the dubby chords.




The MFB 522 Drum Machine might be an unglamourous choice compared with a Roland 909 but it sure does pack a punch.