original_172-1372784223We’ve been on a big techno tip at Sample Magic HQ recently with the release of Detroit Tech on SM White Label and Techno Tops on SM10; whilst also staying up late making weird and wonky noises with vintage synths for our upcoming Analogue Techno release.

Detroit Tech transports us back to the birthplace of techno, resplendent with pumping machine drum beats, enveloping dub chords and keys, raw basslines and re-wired FX.  Inspired by techno luminaries such as Derrick Carter and Carl Craig, Detroit Tech also pulls in contemporary influences from the dancefloors of Europe – in-particular a housier edge reminiscent of Berlin’s Panorama Bar.  Surely there’s not a more mouth-watering combination than that?

SAM - SM101 BANNERS Part 3Techno Tops is an altogether tougher affair delivered with clinical precision and polish.  Packed with glitch synthetics, pulsating rhythms and layers, it sits at the cutting-edge of music technology, siphoning influence from labels such as SCI+TECH and Minus.

And if that wasn’t enough techno action, we’ve also got a high profile Berlin-based producer – who wishes to remain anonymous – working on a gritty and groovy Analogue Techno release for SM White Label.  Slated for an August release it’s definitely one for the hardware heads.  As for the man behind the music – answers on a postcard please…