It was another busy day at the Summer School.  With synthesis, sampling and recording vocals on the agenda – plus a guest session from Sample Magic co-founder Sharooz to round off the day – everyone was keen to fire up their workstation and get started.

Bruce kicked off the day with a general introduction to sourcing sounds for your tracks, including sampling (and the associated legalities), types of synthesis and real-world recordings.


After Bruce broke down the fundamentals of subtractive synthesis the students took to the first task of the day: creating basslines and synth leads using Logic’s native synths for their rapidly progressing personal projects.  This was followed by a more advanced session on the creation of dancefloor-ready FX build-ups and impacts using synthesis.


The afternoon session centred around vocals and vocal recording.  Guest lecturer Jon Olliffe (Daniel Bedingfield, Ms Dynamite, Jamelia) took the students through to Alchemea’s state-of-the-art live room to explain, set-up and record a vocal session with a professional session singer.  Leads, BVs and harmonies were all covered and a full session recorded to a backing track to form the basis of the mixing session tomorrow.


Finally, Sharooz came down to talk to the students about his experiences in the music industry, offering tips and tricks on everything from making bigger beats to making samples to starting your own record label.  With free beers on the go it was a late finish to a thoroughly enjoyable day.