SAM SM36 AmbientWhat can only be described as a labour of love and an all-consuming project, we’re proud to announce the release of Ambient & Chill.  Taking over six months to produce and weighing in at over 1.3GB, we’ve decided to give you a sneak-peek of its creation with some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the studio sessions.

Mining the rich seams of underground electronica, chillout and downtempo, Ambient & Chill blazes a new trail, dense with fragile, esoteric and organic flavours. Created with an abundance of live instrumentation, vintage hardware and lo-fi production techniques, the final result is one of electro-organic bliss.

Below is a selection of photos from the many studio sessions which went into the creation of the collection.  Which one is your favourite?  As always, let us know below the line…


Live drums recorded with brushes for that dusty vibe.


These xylophones made regular appearances in the music and inspiration loops.


We used a raft of electric and acoustic guitars including an Ibanez Artcore and a 1971 Yamaha FG-160 acoustic (unfortunately not pictured).


Just one of the racks responsible for our rich and warm analogue sound.


Sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box…


The MPC1000 – vital in the creation of the grainy,lazy beats in the collection.


The Nord Lead 2 – a staple synth on virtually every Sample Magic release.  Ambient & Chill was no exception.