SM101 releases are a bit like buses: there aren’t any for ages then three come along at once!  The last two weeks has seen the release of Live Hi-Hats, Massive D&B Patches and Glitch Tech Vox.

PrintLive Hi-Hats sees sample replay supremo Hal Ritson move out of the vintage realm and into contemporary territory for this superlative selection of hi-hat rhythms that will find favour with any producer looking to add the unmistakable groove of a live hi-hat line.

The patterns cover a wide range of dance genres from 100bpm through to 174bpm – downtempo nu-disco funk, classic disco hats, house shuffles, swung two-step shuffles, dubstep skips and intricate sixteenths are here in abundance. Simply combine with your kick/snare loop and watch the groove jump to life.

PrintMassive D&B Patches is an detailed traverse of the entire genre spectrum, taking in neuro-infused darkness and classic tech-step to brooding liquid vibes.  Each patch comes locked and loaded with 8 fully macro-controllable setting to make the trademark mutating and evolving sounds of D&B a breeze.

Packed with gut-busting modded basses, raucous Reeses lacerating synth stabs, dubstep-inspired wobbles, techy arps, tension-wrenching FX and a selection of finely-honed synthetic drum hits, it’s an essential addition to any Massive user’s arsenal making cutting-edge D&B, neuro, techstep, dubstep and beyond.

PrintThird in line is Glitch Tech Vox: 101 ready-rolled glitched vocal workouts primed for tech, progressive, electro and techno tracks.

Optimised for the dancefloor from a selection of exclusive vocal sessions, each loop has been painstakingly reworked to create energetic vox tools that will bring beats to life.

And you also might have noticed we’ve given the label a visual makeover courtesy of IWANT Design – pretty snazzy don’t you think?