original_18-1340363972At Sample Magic we’re of the belief that you can never have too many FX at your disposal, whether it be tension-teasing risers and falls, sub smacking impacts, tweeter-freaking cymbal smashes, deep atmospherics, hyper-detailed drum fills or massive synth stabs. They’re the sonic icing to any arrangement, and we’ve just served up 800+ of them in our latest Ultimate FX offering.

The best-selling original set the benchmark.  Computer Music described it as “superd, and it all sounds up to the minute” and Plughugger summed up “Excellent. Inspiring material”.

This second addition takes the baton and strides forward to offer more finger-on-the-pulse FX.

For the house, techno and electro heads we’ve stuck with the perennially popular 128bpm tempo, serving up a slew of dancefloor-ready sounds, plus the all-new 140bpm folders that cater for the now ubiquitous dubstep and complextro genres.

In total there’s 1.4GB of tempo-synced loops and single hits in this incendiary collection of atomic impacts, vast sweeps, towering risers, near infinite falls, massive bombs, tweaked cymbals, freaked drum fills, twisted synths and otherworldly atmospheres designed to ignite almost any genre of electronic music.