It’s that time again.  This month Radio Slave and Vintage Drum Fills are under the Future Music and Resident Advisor spotlight, with both packs receiving high praise.

original_58-1339570526First up for Future Music was SM101 Vintage Drum Fills, scoring a solid 9/10.  The guys enjoyed the pack’s variety both in terms of vintage processing and the styles of fills on offer: “Offering a vintage twist with plenty of vinyl crackle, tape hiss and hip hop-style samples, the pack is full of retro beats and although they’re sourced from a huge variety of genres and styles, will slot into any dancefloor track”.  And the price was also right, “with this cheap and cheerful collection of 101 samples… we think the price is pretty spot on for what you get”.

original_67-1339598703One of the big success stories of the year so far has undoubtedly been the latest release in our artist led series from techno supremo Radio Slave; and this success has now been topped off with a stunning 10/10 review from Future Music.

Described as “fresh, modern and interesting, with an excellent production quality” the FM team were bowled over with the collection summing it up as “a perfect bundle for anyone making techno, tech house, minimal or any genre where dark and deep sounds are the norm.  A real gem of a pack and the price seals the deal”.

Sticking with Radio Slave, Resident Advisor also put the pack through its paces for it’s 4.5 out 5 review.  Summed up as “clean, round electronic sounds with an upfront character”, there was special mention for the percussion loops “which are a particular highlight, with some world music tones and other indefinable collisions of influences”.

That’s what the press had to say, but what about you?  Leave your own reviews, thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you.