20120301-171524-8512We are hugely proud to announce the next release in our vaunted Sample Magic Presents series, Hed Kandi: Disco House Samples – 700+MB of the very finest disco house samples: from classic live disco to the twisted reaches of house – all with the Hed Kandi seal of approval.

Designed to reflect the sound of the Hed Kandi dancefloor, from live-inspired disco heaven through to the late-night debauchery of twisted disco, the collection comes bursting with live bass licks and sexy guitar riffs, 100s of disco rhythms sprinkled with afro and latin spice, straight-from-vinyl musical songstarters, classic keys, peak-time synths, tight percussive tops plus 100s of Sample Magic’s fabled drum hits and assorted FX ear Kandi.

We’ve also bundled in 100MB of BONUS live disco-tinged material sourced from other SM releases, including Funky House Grooves 2.

This release saw the SM sound design team and the Hed Kandi A&R guys working flat out over a period of months recording original live material – there’s keys, percussion, guitars, brass, bass and more in there – and then polish and process it into the unmistakeable HK sound. We love the result 🙂

The demos are here.

Are you the next Hed Kandi producer?

What’s more, we’re giving one talented producer the chance to be released on a forthcoming Hed Kandi compilation, along with a limited edition framed award disc plus £800 worth of Hed Kandi and Sample Magic goodies – including 10 sample libraries and our two books – The Secrets of House Music Production and Paul White’s The Producer’s Manual. All you have to do is to create your own track using at least one loop from Hed Kandi: Disco House Samples and upload it to us by 14 Nov 2011.

There are a host of remix competitions around, and we’re approached about getting involved with them every other week, but this one’s pretty special and we can’t wait to hear the results.

You can find full details (and the smallprint) here.